Project Management, 200,000 tes/year PET Plant

Tanton Technology provided the owner, Lotte Chemical UK Ltd with project management services for this new build project located on a brownfield at Wilton International, Teesside, England. Tanton personnel fulfilled several key roles within the project team integrated with the owner’s staff. This included the senior project manager who reported to the client board. This project included bought-in proprietary technology from a European Licensor who had full E&P scope for the core plant, offplots and utilities FEED was completed in-house with detailed engineering by KHome International. Construction management was awarded to Jacobs, who operated as Principal Contractor with an integrated team of Jacobs, Lotte and Tanton personnel. The plant started up in 2014.

Project Management, 700,000 tes/year PTA Plant, Sines Portugal

Tanton Technology from August 2009 provided the owner, Artlant, PTA SA with project management services for their new purified terephthalic acid plant at Sines, Portugal. Tanton had a project management team based in both Portugal and the UK. Tanton were responsible for the management of all aspects of the project execution through to start-up for this €400MM PTA plant on a greenfield site using proprietary licensed technology. Tanton managed the owner’s contracts and contractors including with Aker Kvaerner who were awarded an EPCm scope and a number Portuguese construction contractors. All project procurement and project control were managed by Tanton. The plant successfully started up in early 2012.

Project Development, €90MM Utilities Plant

Tanton Technology fully developed and specified a segregated Utilities plant concept which provides Power and HP Steam from a 42MW gas fired CHP unit, demineralised water, industrial gases and process effluent treatment using anaerobic digestion for the co-located new PTA plant at Sines. We managed the issue of a detailed enquiry, the subsequent competitive bidding process and selection of the successful bidder. Tanton Technology personnel developed a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) contract. During the execution of the project we managed the contract and all interfaces between the Utilities plant owner’s project team and the PTA plant project.

Project Development, Cost and Energy Reduction Revamp Project

Tanton Technology personnel developed a major improvement project for the T8 PTA plant at Wilton, Teesside. The project’s aim was to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the plant and achieve lower operating costs. The project included a number of heat integration and recovery process modifications, including the conversion of the distillation section to azeotropic distillation which would free up large quantities of steam generated by the exothermic process and put this steam to use in a new turbine-generator. A second major benefit of the project was reduced consumptions of a number key utilities and specifically a major reduction in water consumption.